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Prague is a beautiful city. Thousands, even millions of tourists come to visit Prague every year. There are so many places to visit and see… The Czech Republic is not only Prague however. If you come to Prague for a short stay 1 – 3 nights, you probably do not plan to leave Prague at all. Some travelers come to Prague for more days, but not long enough to spend valuable holiday time on the road, train or other public transportation. Below you can find list of top sightseeing points and tips for day trips that are less than 90 minutes away from Prague. The list includes castles, chateaux, interesting factories, historical monuments and natural reservations. Should you think some places are missing, please email me. Should you feel like wanting to tour the places by a private chauffeured driven car or minivan, email me too :-).

1. Krivoklat Castle

Krivoklat Castle is situated about 60 Km west from Prague. The drive from the Prague city center takes about 60 minutes.

Krivoklat Castle

Aerial view of the Krivoklat Castle link to original photo

Why Krivoklat?

  • is one of the oldest and most important Czech castles
  • during the tour of the castle, you will be taken on a historical time lapse starting in the medieval ages  and ending in modern times
  • tour includes visit of the Castle Chapel, Royal and Knight halls, library, Fustenberg museum, famous prison and torture chambers and a lot more
  • it is possible to visit the Krivoklat Castle during the winter, which is not typical as most of the Castles are closed during the winter
  • there are three types of tours. The longest tour takes 100 minutes and costs from 12 Euro per adult (in English) and 8.5 Euro per child

Krivoklat official website quick links:

Home pageKrivoklat tours & opening times, About Krivoklat, Photogallery

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2. Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn Castle is located about 45 minutes south west from Prague. The distance to cover from Prague to Karlstejn is about 30 km.

The photo is published under royalty free license and is not to be copied or used without permission of the original owner.

Why Karlstejn?

  • Karlstejn Castle was founded in 1348 by the Charles IV, probably the most important king in history of Bohemia
  • Karlstejn was built a private residence of the King and safe place to keep the royal jewels, the holy relic and the Imperial Crown
  • State owned Castle that has never been privately owned.
  • It is unique and impressive. The original stair-arrangement of individual Karlstejn castle buildings will impress everyone
  • village under the Karlstejn Castle offers plenty of souvenirs, hotels and restaurants
  • it is possible to take a horse carriage to get closer up the hill to the Castle gates
  • four tours are available to see the Castle briefly or in full detail
  • tours include visit of representative rooms of Emperor Charles IV, the sacred rooms of the castle with the chapel of the holy Cross, the Great Tower and magnificent views of the valley, Karlstejn treasure hall

Karlstejn official website quick links:

Homepage, Karlstejn Opening Times & Tours, About Karlstejn, Photogallery

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3. Konopiste chateau

Konopiste is located south from Prague, about 45 minutes and 50 kilometers drive away from the Prague city center. It is situated near the town Benesov on the way to the D3 highway leading further south to Austria.

Konopiste tour

The photo is published under royalty free license and is not to be copied or used without permission of the original owner.

Why Konopiste?

  • originally Gothic castle from 13th century
  • Konopiste is one of the most beautiful chateaux in the Czech Republic
  • Konopiste houses one of the most unique and rare collections in Europe
  • apart from the main building it is possible to visit Museum of St. George, shooting range and the rose garden
  • another big attraction is the bear lair in the Konopiste’s moat
  • amazing guns and trophy collection as well as Konopiste itinerary on display in four different tours
  • the last owner of the Konopiste chateau was Franz Ferdinand d’Este, who was assassinated in Sarajevo. Event which literally started the WWI

Konopiste official website quick links:

Home page, Konopiste opening times & tours, About Konopiste, Photogallery

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4. Cesky Sternberk Castle

Cesky Sternberk can be found south east from Prague, not too far from the D1 highway, the main traffic vein of the Czech Republic. The drive to Cesky Sternberk is about 1 hour and distance from Prague city center is approximately 65 Km.

Cesky Sternberk Castle

The photo is published under royalty free license and is not to be copied or used without permission of the original owner.

Why Cesky Sternberk?

  • Cesky Sternberk was built by Zdeslav of Divisov, who named it after his coat of arms. Stern – Star, Berg – Mountain – Sternberk (from German Sternberg)
  • The castle Cesky Sternberk has been owned by one family for over 20 generations
  • it is not usual that a castle would have proper heating, electricity and a water main, Cesky Sternberk was modernized at the beginning of the 20th century
  • the Castle was originally built as a defensive structure, a fortress to protect the land. After the modernization in the 17th century it changed it purpose to become more home-like
  • tour of the castle can be arranged individually across the winter time
  • during the 50 minutes tour of the Cesky Sternberk Castle visitors are taken through furbished 15 rooms including the knight hall, library, dining room, office of the George Sternberg – father of the current owner, room of the National Museum founder – Kaspar Maria Sternberg,
  • display unique Šternberk collection of copper engravings from the Thirty Years’ War, which is one of the largest mono-thematic collections of engravings in Europe

Cesky Sternberk Castle official website quick links:

Home pageCesky Sternberk opening hoursAdmission, Photos

5. Sedlec Bone Ossuary near Kutna Hora

East from Prague only 85 km away and about 75 minutes drive lays the spooky Bone Ossuary in Sedlec

Sedlec Ossuary - bone church

Bone Ossuary – The photo is published under royalty free license and is not to be copied or used without permission of the original owner.

Why Bone Ossuary?

  • Bone Ossuary is world famous, unique and a little spooky place decorated with human skulls and bones
  • UNESCO listed heritage sight that is a must see, while traveling to the area
  • there are in fact two churches in Sedlec: The Cemetery Church of All Saints underneath you can find the Bone Ossuary and the Cathedral of Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist
  • private night tours are available for groups (individual tourists would have to pay the minimum 10000 CZK fee to enter in number less than 10 people) – Special organ candlelight night in Sedlec
  • private guides are available on the site, yet it is possible to borrow a written guide and explore the Ossuary on your own
  • remains of over 40000 people create the interior decorations of the Ossuary

Bone Ossuary official website quick links:

Home page, PDF guide, Opening hours, Photogallery

6. Kutna Hora silver mines and St. Barbara Cathedral

Next to Sedlec about 75 minutes away from Prague, one will find the rich and beautiful silver mining city Kutna Hora

UNESCO St. Barbara Cathedral

St. Barbara Cathedral –
The photo is published under royalty free license and is not to be copied or used without permission of the original owner.

Why Kutna Hora?

  • St Barbara’s Cathedral is UNESCO heritage site, the jewel of the late Gothic era and of the only four cathedral-type buildings in Bohemia
  • Dacicky House – interactive exhibition about Kutna Hora and UNESCO
  • Hradek or in English the Little Castle originally wooden fortress was rebuilt into a small castle High Gothic residence during 1400 – 1420, nowadays it houses the Czech Museum of Silver and has a collection of over 185 000 items on display. Two guided tours are available during the tourist season
  • Italian Court used to be called and recognized as the “Jewel” in the crown of the Czech Kings. The Prague Groschen were introduced here back in 14th century. The Italian Court was converted into the central Bohemian (basically Czech) mint. There are two tours available The Royal Mint and The Royal Palace
  • Jesuit College is also part of the UNESCO heritage, it represents the early Italian Baroque architecture
  • Former Cistercian Monastery is now owned by the cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris Czech Republic a.s. and it is possible to see the production. The tour is only available when booked in advance by 18+ years old adults at minimum number of 5 people.
  • There are plenty of other sights to visit and enjoy: The Stone House, Sankturing House, Tyl House, Plague Column, Stone Fountain, Corpus Christi Chapel and many more

Kutna Hora official website quick links:

Home pageSights in Kutna Hora in details, Kutna Hora has a great and educative website, there are plenty of pictures, information and travel tips along with useful information about events and e.g. hotel accommodation

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7. Pelhrimov

A little further down the D1 highway and then a few kilometers following the regular road you will reach Pelhrimov about 80 minutes drive and 114 Km away from Prague

Pelhrimov fountain and the square

Pelhrimov – original picture

Why Pelhrimov?

  • the picturesque town Pelhrimov is called the Gateway to Highlands
  • the earliest settlements in the area of the today Pelhrimov date back to 13th Century
  • during the historically important Hussite wars Pelhrimov stood on the side of Hussites and even raised one of their spiritual leaders Nicholas, Bishop of Pelhrimov
  • historical sights include the fountain with the statue of St. James, Chateau of the Ricany lords, St Vitus Church, Municipal theater, Chapel of the virgin Dolores, the Church of the Holy Cross, plenty of historical fortifications, towers and houses such as the Municipal Hall, Fara House and houses nr. 3 and 17 at the Square
  • Pelhrimov is famous for the Museum of World and Czech records as well as the Museum of Fairy Tale creatures

Quick links to Pelhrimov sites:

Pelhrimov home page, Museum of records (Czech only), Museum of Fairy Tale creatures (Czech only), Sights, Tips for trips in the Pelhrimov surroundings

8. Tabor

Straight south from Prague following the road passing Konopiste and joining the modern D3 highway soon after you cover about 90 Km from Prague approximately 75 minutes you reach city of Tabor

Panorama view of Tabor city

Tabor city view – Photo by K. Vodera – Original picture

Why Tabor?

  • history of the first settlements dates back to 6th – 5th century BC
  • Tabor has a rich history and thus it is possible to visit a lot of sights and places of interests. To name a few: Hussite museum, underground dungeons, lookout church tower, Kotnov Tower and Bechyne Gate, baroque chateau Tabor – Mesice
  • if traveling with children it may be a good idea to stop by the Tabor zoo, botanic garden, haunted dungeons, LEGO museum, train model expositions, Museum of Chocolate and Marzipan, world of elves or the film armory which is housing armors and weapons that were used in several Czech and world movies: Bathory, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Hellboy etc.
  • lovers of architecture and historical structures will find a lot of interesting places to visit: Zizka Square, Dean’s Church of Lord’s Conversion, Renaissance fountain, Jan Zizka Monument, plenty of churches and theaters as well as houses e.g. the Burgher House.
  • in the vicinity of Tabor is one of the oldest European water dams. It covers an area of over 50 hectares and the deepest point is 14 meters. A pleasant experience during the summer can be swimming, fishing or  renting of a boat. On the other side of the dam, one can find 18 meter high waterfall.

Quick links to official tourist website:

Home page, sights, adventure sights, tips for trips in the Tabor vicinity

9. Kladruby nad Labem

The stud in Kladruby nad Labem is about 95 kilometers away from Prague, the journey takes about 75 minutes by car.

Kladruby stud - horses

National Stud in Kladruby – photo by Michaela Purnochová – Original Photo

Why Kladruby Stud?

  • Kladruby Stud is one of the oldest horse studs in the world and it is the home of the Czech original horse breed: the old Kladruber Horse
  • the guided tour of the stud includes visit of the stables, historic carriage house and harness room, museum of horse breeding, forester’s house with a VR coach simulator and the lookout tower
  • in 2015 the stud restoration was successfully finished and most of the parts got back its amazing look from the 19th century
  • The National Stud organizes a number of special events throughout the year: Rudolph Cup, Old Kladruber Horse Day, Grand Riding Day, Kladruby Naruby, St. Hubertus Ride

Quick links to Kladruby Stud website:

Home Page, Admission & Opening Times, History of the Stud

10. Chlumec nad Cidlinou Chateau Karlova Koruna – Charles’ Crown

85 Km east, approximately an hour drive from Prague city center north from Kladruby nad Labem you can find the Charles’ Crown Chateau

Karlova Koruna v Chlumci nad Cidlinou

Charles Crown Chateau near Chlumec nad Cidlinou – Photo is provided by the owner and it is not to be distributed or used further without notice

Why Karlova Koruna?

  • during the tour of the chateau you will be introduced to the history of the Kinsky Family
  • the chateau exposition includes portraits of the family
  • Kinsky horse breeding has its long history uncovered as a part of the tour too
  • should you prefer not to do the tour of the chateau interiors, you will be welcomed at the chateau park and gardens
  • Chlumec nad Cidlinou is not only about the Chateau, it is possible to visit the historical center as well as modern fun park “FAJNPARK”
  • Fajnpark is a fun center, which  offers attraction for family time: Dinopark, water canons, zoo cars, bare foot path, goat and mini safari, bouncing ball jumping, bungee jumping, jogi jumping, jumping pillows, mini city for kids and more
  • in the summer it is possible to stay in the camp or at the outdoor swimming pool
  • among the most important historical sights in the city center you will find: St. Ursula’s Church, Vaclav Kliment Klicpera Monument, Mary’s Column, The estate, Loreto, Holy Trinity Chapel and the Zubaty’s Chapel

Quick links to www:

Chateau Karlova Koruna, Fajnpark (Czech only), Chlumec nad Cidlinou information portal

11. Mirakulum

Mirkulum is an attraction mainly for children. It is located about 45 minutes and 60 Km north east from Prague city center (by a car)

Mirakulum Milovice Fun Park for Children

Adventure children park Mirakulum – Photo source

Why Mirakulum?

  • Mirakulum offers plenty of action for children and adults alike
  • tickets are sold per whole day and per person or per family
  • 10 hectares land is covered with different entertaining facilities
  • contact and forest zoo, water world and other natural things, where children can actually see and feel what nature is like
  • high tree-crown, ground as well as underground playground
  • steam railway as well as military armored vehicles are available to ride on
  • special programe on weekends and holidays
  • dining available – fast food mainly – pizza, fries, hotdogs etc., bring your own food, should you prefer “normal” food
  • eventually it is possible to book BBQ facilities and cater yourselves home-made like food
  • Mirakulum DOES NOT accept credit card payments!

Quick links to Mirakulum www:

Home page, Attractions, Opening times & admission

12. Military Tank training area & Adrenaline Park Milovice

Like Mirakulum Milovice tank training facility is located 60 Kms away from Prague. Milovice training ground is about 1 km away from Mirakulum. It is connected with the steam railroad.

Military field Milovice - BVP, tanks, armored vehicles and trucks

Tank training area in Milovice – Picture source

Why Milovice?

  • when children and men get older, they do not quit playing. 200 hectares of land has been converted into adult playground
  • it is possible to ride a tank, armored jeep, truck or military infantry vehicles, eventually you can drive the tank or even shoot a dummy target car with the tank canon
  • Milovice area is not suitable for individual travelers, unless you are ready to spend a fortune or just look around and join strangers in their military activities
  • Milovice area is meant for groups of 4+ persons, ideal number seems to be 10+
  • apart from shooting a tank, one can shoot clay pigeons with a shotgun on the local shooting range
  • military trucks driving is available for beginners as well as as experienced truckers
  • groups can enjoy adrenaline during army drill or paintball

Quick link to Milovice military area

Home page

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13. Mlada Boleslav Skoda Car factory and Museum

65 Km and 50 minutes north from Prague

Visit the Skoda Museum and production plant

Skoda car museum and factory – Original photo by Škoda Auto

Why Skoda Museum and Mlada Boleslav?

  • Mlada Boleslav is home of the nowadays famous and successful car producer SKODA a.s.
  • it is possible to visit the factory and see the assembly lines, own transportation is needed to get around the production plant (booking in advance needed)
  • during the museum tour you can explore on your own or book a guide. Several languages are available, but guides have to be booked in advance
  • the museum exhibition covers area larger 1800 square meters
  • the collection of the Skoda museum includes over 340 items, mainly passengers cars, rally cars, prototypes, tens of engines, four motorcycles and one bicycle Slavia 1899
  • once you get fed up with cars, it is time to explore the historical city center of Mlada Boleslav
  • leaning tower Putna – similar to Italian Pisa – not as attractive or famous, but with similar tilt
  • ruins of the Gothic Castle, Old Town Square and plenty of churches, palaces and old historical buildings are to be discovered in the town of Mlada Boleslav

Quick Skoda and Mlada Boleslav links:

Skoda car museum, Skoda car factory, Mlada Boleslav region

14. Melnik

just 50 minutes drive 50 Km north from Prague

Melnik Church of the St. Petr and St. Paul

Melnik – St Petr & Paul Church – lookout tower – Original Photo

Why Melnik?

  • Melnik is found on the confluence of the Vltava and Labe rivers, the city and its chateau is surrounded by water, thus making the area very picturesque
  • history of Melnik is more than thousand years old
  • Melnik is not only the wine region and a former fortress surrounded by fragments of city walls. The real treasure is hidden underground. Whether it is the wine cellars or the unique Czech widest well or even the bone chapel under the church of the St. Petr and St. Paul
  • the Czech widest well is 54 meters deep and 4.543 m wide and thus is the widest Czech medieval well
  • the famous Melnik dungeon was founded at the end of the 13th century and grew with the city. The corridors lead under the city typically 8 – 10 meters deep. Nowadays a lot of parts are blocked, but some place e.g. the medieval well are only accessible through the dungeons
  • there are plenty of historical buildings as well as legends that await discovery
  • Melnik Chateau offers 40 minutes tours and are available throughout the winter times
  • Melnik Chateau was originally built in the vineyards overlooking the valley and facing the Mountain “Říp” the symbol of Bohemian lands
  • Lobkowicz family owned the chateau for centuries, the family is well recognized for wine and beer production, but historically the family excelled in many different fields from banking to politics

Quick links of Melnik www:

Municipal web (not really informative for English speaking users), Photogallery, Lobkowicz Family & the Chateau website (English version not ready as for December 2017)

15. Nizbor Glass Factory

not too far from Prague about 50 minutes and only 45 kilometers away is Nizbor the home of Ruckl Glass factory

tour of glass factory in Nizbor

Ruckl Glass factory in Nizbor – Photo source

Why Nizbor?

  • Nizbor is the home of Ruckl Glass Factory, since 1846 the Ruckl family has been renowned for hand made glass and crystal
  • tours are available in English, Czech and German, groups have to be booked in advance, individual tourists depend on the up to date schedule
  • during the tour you will see full process of glass blowing and crystal cutting, you will literally be allowed to look under hands of the glass-makers
  • the journey to Nizbor is short, but it is a pleasant drive through the valley of the Berounka river
  • Nizbor is not too far from other sights listed in our top destinations within 90 minutes from Prague e.g. Karlstejn, Krivoklat, Zbiroh or Koneprusy caves

Quick Nizbor Glass Factory links:

Glass Factory, Opening times & Admission

16. Koneprusy caves

50 minutes and roughly 50 km west from Prague

Koneprusy caves tour

Caves entry point – Original Photo

Why Koneprusy caves?

  • longest and most famous caves in Bohemia
  • unique natural decoration of the caves formed renowned as “Konepruske ruzice” (Roses of Koneprusy) are probably older than 1.5 million years, some find it similar to cauliflower, some to cabbage and other see the roses in the shape. Roses of Koneprusy are the world rarity.
  • the mint of Koneprusy caves is one of the most interesting parts of the caves. It is where the counterfeit money used to be forged during the reign of the Jiri z Podebrad. They used copper plates and silver amalgam, which was later burned to get rid of the mercury and get a look of real silver coins
  • a lot of legends are connected with the location of the caves and you will hear plenty of stories during the tour
  • beautiful countryside and natural reservation to walk through on the way to the caves
  • the tour is not any extreme, average walkers can maintain it without problems. The caves are not too narrow or creepy, I personally do not like small/narrow space, but I felt ok down in the Koneprusy caves

Quick Koneprusy caves links:

Home Page (It seems to be a new website, the original does not provide English version),  original pages of Koneprusy caves (Czech only)

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17. Zbiroh Chateau

west from Prague, about 1 hour and 65 kilometers away from the city center

Aerial view of the Zbiroh Chateau

Zamek Zbiroh – Chateau Zbiroh – Original source

Why Chateau Zbiroh?

  • renowned for being the oldest noble seat in Bohemian land
  • the original castle tower is the oldest independently standing tower in the Czech republic
  • the well of the castle is the deepest well in Europe
  • the Slavic poem by Alfons Mucha was created here during his over 20 years stay at Zbiroh
  • tour of the chateau includes visit of the Mucha’s studio
  • the summer tour of the Zbiroh includes the dungeons of the former castle from the 12th century
  • Zbiroh tour includes history of Templar knights and unique displays, discoveries from the Castle Well, Stousberg’s salon, masonry hall and Mucha’s hall
  • furthermore castle tour includes display of Nazi secret rituals, tomb that was used a prison, climb up the tower, explore the one of the oldest Czech chapels and lastly dive deep 163 meters to the bottom of the castle well

Quick Zbiroh links:

Home Page, Zbiroh chateau and castle guided tours, Zbiroh in pictures

18. Kokorin

north from Prague, 65 minutes and 55 kilometers away one will find monumental castle Kokorin

Tour of Kokorin Castle

Kokorin Castle – aerial view – Photo credit Jiri Kucirek

Why Kokorin Castle?

  • Kokorin castle rose above sand rocks in a beautiful countryside surrounded by woods and wild valleys
  • privately owned castle that is accessible for public visits
  • tour of the castle includes visit to the Old Palace from 1911 – 1918, 37.5 meters high tower, and other interiors of the Kokorin Castle, which’s history dates back to 13 – 14th century
  • exposition of photography is available in the Kokorin Castle dungeons
  • if booked in advance, it is possible to visit Kokorin during winter

Quick Links to Kokorin:

Kokorin, fan web in CS

19. Lidice Memorial

only 35 Km and 40 minutes away from the city center sad memorial of reverence lies

Tour of Lidice Memorial

Lidice Memorial – Photo Source

Why Lidice?

  • the first monument was erected on 3rd July, 1945 by colonel’s Pankov soldiers
  • in 1962 new museum was opened for the occasion of 20th sad anniversary of Lidice tragedy
  • after assassination of Reinhard Heydrich on 27 May 1942 and his death on 4 June 1942, Lidice were burned and razed to the ground on June 10, 1942
  • 173 men were shot, women and most of the children were transported to the concentration camps
  • whole world was shocked, all over the world memorials for Lidice were created and money to build new Lidice were collected
  • the museum includes the exhibition …and those innocent were guilty…
  • gallery with unique collection of contemporary art anx its exhibition Remember Lidice
  • family house with exhibition Building the New lidice

Lidice links:

Lidice Memorial

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20. Terezin Memorial

Terezin is situated north from Prague about 60 minutes and 60 kilometers drive

Terezin Memorial visit

Terezin Memorial Picture is free to use non-commercially

Why Terezin?

  • another sad place to visit, yet worth the time and emotions. Terezin memorial is a place to always remind us of the sad times and cruel WWII
  • Small fortress was used as a prison during 1940 to 1945, Czech and Moravian patriots, members of resistance groups and organizations were held here by the Nazi Gestapo
  • 90% if prisoners were Czech, but others included Soviets, Poles, Yugoslavs, French, Italian and English POW’s
  • about 32000 passed through the gates of the Small Fortress, prisoners were treated as slaves and were forced to work for the Reich (The Nazi Empire)
  • Ghetto Museum and Magdeburg Barracks are part of the visit
  • Ghetto Museum was opened in former municipal school of Terezin in 1991. The Museum is mainly devoted to the Jewish community and the “Jewish Question”. In other words the deportation and extermination of Jews.
  • Terezin Ghetto was established in November 1941, the barracks were used as the administrative offices of the so called Jewish Self-administration and also it housed the apartment of some of the Gestapo officers.
  • over 156 000 people went through Terezin during the World War II

Quick Links:

Home pageAdmissionOpening hoursWiki Terezin,

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21. Dobris Chateau

Dobris is located 40 minutes and 45 kilometers south from Prague near the D4 highway

Tour of Chateau Dobris

Chateau Dobris – Original Picture

Why Chateau Dobris?

  • The Rococo chateau of Dobris and its park date back to second half o f the 18th century, when the former Baroque Chateau burned down in fire
  • privately owned chateau that is open for public, is owned by the original owners: the House of Mannsfeld, in fact the Colloredo-Mannsfeld, which was formed in 1771
  • the chateau was nationalized in 1942 and then returned to the original owners in 1998
  • there are three tours available: Chateau tour, Dobris Ghosts and JCM Gallery
  • Chateau tour lasts 50 minutes and will take you through 11 rococo and classicism rooms, two sections of the Dobris Chateau are covered: Ladies, Gentlemen’s rooms, Reception and Banquet halls
  • Ghost tour is a special tour inspired by Dobris legends, 4 rooms filled with mystic creatures and ghosts accompanied with visual and sound effects
  • JCM Gallery tour takes you to the exhibition of the painting owned by the House of Colloredo-Mannsfeld – 18th – 19th Century Masters
  • there is also a hotel and restaurant
  • newly the Dobris Chateau hosts the Museum of Toys in Dobris

Quick links to Dobris Chateau:

Home page, Opening times, Tours and pricing

22. Chateau Orlik and Orlik dam

75 minutes away from Prague, south near the R4 road, about 85 Km away from Prague city center

Tour of Orlik Chateau

Chateau Orlik visit – Original Picture

Why Orlik Chateau?

  • tour fo the chateau takes about 60 minutes and it is possible to arrange an individual opening times and private tours or stick with the chateau schedule
  • location near the Orlik lake promises a beautiful and romantic experience
  • history of the Orlik chateau dates back to 13th century
  • huge English like chateau park surrounds the Orlik chateau
  • family tomb of the owning family can be found in the park, it was built in 1864
  • the only tour of Orlik Chateau is available, it is not possible or allowed to take pictures of interiors during the tour
  • the tour shows the Chateau as it was left by the Schwarzenbergs in 1948, first floor of the Chateau Orlik speaks of the history of the chateau as well as the Schwarzenberg family
  • second floor is reached via spiral staircase and shows the empire saloon, the Tesk hall, the Knight hall, the Small Armory, the Chateau Library, the Rifle Hall with a display of hunting rifles and other weapons and finally the Trophy hall with over 2000 trophies from local forests
  • the Orlik lake invites for boat tours, fishing and swimming during warm summer days, during cooler days it is possible to walk along the shore

Orlik Chateau Links:

Home Page, Opening times & Admission







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