Day Trips from Berlin

Tips for day trips from Berlin

Day Trips from Berlin

The cosmopolitan city of Berlin is a famous tourist destination in Europe. History buffs, art lovers, and admirers of gothic architecture can easily fall in love with this city. The city of Berlin has so much to offer and it has some major attractions on its outskirts as well. These attractions make it ideal for some fantastic day trips, which are worth your time. The Capital of Germany is a tourist hotspot and is filled with tourists throughout the year. Tourists who are looking for some respite from the crowds should visit the nearby towns and countryside day trips.

This article is going to be your one-stop guide to all the tourist spots outside of Berlin and provide a brief history behind them.


The most recommended and memorable day trip from Berlin is to Potsdam. The area can easily be regarded as the posh, royal suburb of Berlin, making it a must-visit place. Potsdam is famous for its parks and lakes, which are a sight to behold. Potsdam has its fair share of palaces and is one of the few places where you could find Rococo style palaces. The three famous palaces of Potsdam are Sanssouci Palace, Orangery Palace, and The New Palace.

Why visit Potsdam?

  • One of the most important Germany’s imperial cities of the past.
  • Less than an hour by train, so won’t be a tiresome or exhausting journey, comfortably accessed if you choose to travel by car, whether self driven rental or with one of our private chauffeured cars or minivans Mercedes Benz
  • The greenery and natural environment provide a pleasant change from seeing several buildings throughout the city itself.
  • Sanssouci Park, which is a royal estate, has several gardens, buildings and walking trails. It is a must-visit, especially for those who love exploring on foot!
  • The elegant Chinese House in Sanssouci Park is the real highlight of the park. The Chinese style structure in the middle of European landscape is a site that cannot be missed. The bright golden colour of the house is visible from a distance.
  • Walking tours are available, which helps in understanding the fascinating history of Potsdam. Usually, an average walking tour is six hours long, if you wish to see Potsdam, rather commit for a whole day.
  • Museum Barberini is a new attraction in Potsdam. It opened just a couple of years back. The museum houses artwork from some of the country’s leading painters from different eras.
  • The Old Town Hall is another famous attraction of Potsdam, which now serves as the centre for activities and cultural events. The splendid baroque-style building was built in 1753 and within there is the Potsdam Museum. The museum exhibition is dedicated to the real history and culture of Potsdam.


Dresden, Saxony – Opera house of Dresden on a sunny day with blue sky.

It is another famous day trip location known for its art and architecture. Dresden lies two hours south of Berlin and can be easily reached by the German highway called the Autobahn. The city offers various landmarks to explore, such as the Zwinger Palace and the Bruehl’s. The Saxon Kings had used this city as their capital in the past and built multiple churches and palaces here.

Why visit Dresden?

  • The city, which was nearly destroyed during the World War, highlights the restoration efforts of the Germans.
  • The Elbe River passing through the middle of this beautiful city provides for a scenic viewing experience.
  • The Zwinger Palace is an excellent example of 18th-century Baroque Architecture. Any architecture lover could simply walk outside the palace and gaze at this architectural marvel for hours. The palace also houses the art collection of the state, and some world-famous artists have their paintings displayed here.
  • Dresden Royal Palace houses some exciting and historical artifacts.
  • Visit the old town of Dresden and its old market square to witness the authentic German culture.
  • The stunning Frauenkirche Cathedral is the perfect example of restoration done after The World War, as this church was reduced to a pile of rubble during the War.
  • Theaterplatz and Schlossplatz are the two main squares in Dresden and are an ideal place for an afternoon stroll.
  • In the vicinity of Theaterplatz lies the Semperoper, the city’s Opera House. The interior of the building is richly decorated with Renaissance-style art. Remember to catch a live concert, opera or ballet performance when visiting!
  • Dresden is a city that can be explored just by walking! So, it makes for an ideal day trip in your comfy shoes.



Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

To get the real glimpse of the experience of The World War II and its horrors, a visit to Sachsenhausen concentration camp is a must. This concentration camp had nearly 3000 prisoners imprisoned here at any given time. During ten years, more than 200,000 people were imprisoned here, many of which died of mistreatment, disease, and starvation. The camp has now been turned into a museum and has now become tourist-friendly. The site serves as a memorial to the prisoners who once lived and died here. Find out more information about WWII Concentration camps in Europe.

Why visit Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp?

  • One of the first concentration camps to be set up in the Third Reich.
  • The visit provides for a worthwhile history lesson. It tells the tourists the stories of the horrific history of Nazi concentration camps.
  • One can hear about the tales of prisoner bravery from a tour guide and get to know about the atrocities that took place here.
  • It is a chance to learn about Germany during the rule of the Third Reich.
  • On a more philosophical side, it gives a chance to see how blessed we are as free citizens of this world.


One of the most livable cities in Europe has become quite a hotspot for the young creatives of Germany. It has its share of churches, museums, and other attractions to visit. On the other hand, the city has a rich heritage of music and culture, which can be observed when you visit this beautiful city.

Why visit Leipzig?

  • A small city with most of its attractions lying in the old town can easily be visited in a day.
  • Leipzig has a Museum of Fine Arts which contains more than 3500 paintings from different eras. It’s a must-visit place for art lovers.
  • Tourists with kids can visit The Leipzig Zoo, where more than 800 animal species are present.
  • Unlike the rest of Germany, it is one of those cities known for its restaurants and coffee houses.
  • Saint Thomas and Saint Nicholas Church both have a unique history behind them; to learn about these, one should visit the two famous churches.
  • Leipzig’s musical heritage can be seen in Neues Gewandhaus, which is the home of the world-renowned Gewandhaus Orchestra. It’s a music lovers paradise, and if you are lucky and have enough time, definitely go to see a concert here.
  • Grassi Museum, New Townhall and Leipzig Botanical Garden are some other must-visit attractions of Leipzig.
  • The city also houses one of the most famous monuments in Germany called The Battle of Nations Monument. Tourists who are into warfare history should visit this place as it commemorates the 100 years of Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Nations in 1813. The monument was completed in 1913.


Beach in Wannsee

Tourists travelling to Berlin during the summers should visit the lakeshores of Wannsee and soak up the sunshine. Wannsee is a popular tourist destination among the locals as well as tourists. During peak season, the lake is filled with sailing yachts, and the summer cabins alongside the lake are fully occupied. The lake has its share of attractions such as museums, attractive footpaths, sailing clubs, and rowing clubs.

Why visit Wannsee?

  • It is the largest European Inland Beach and one of the top-rated recreation areas for Berliners.
  • It’s a perfect day trip to simply relax along the shore or have a swim in the warm waters of the lake.
  • One can have a lovely lunch on any one of the terrace restaurants alongside the lake, which overlooks the calm water.

Pro Tip: Tourists looking to escape the crowds should head out to Kladow, which is a much quieter area but offers the same views and benefits of a sandy-shored lake.




Romantic part of Spreewald

The lowland area of Spreewald lies 100 kilometres Southeast of Berlin. Spreewald is notable for its dunes and sandy flats crossed by numerous watercourses called Fliessen. The picturesque forest should be on your travel itinerary, when planning a day trip from Berlin. The forest has been classified as a nature reserve by UNESCO. The fascinating thing about this area is the network of canals, the most of the travel is done on a boat. Hiring a kayak to discover the area is an exciting and fun option.

Why visit Spreewald?

  • It offers a full-on natural experience of going through the forest and getting extremely close to mother nature. It’s one such place where you can experience the woods, while staying close to a metropolitan city.
  • You would probably find more locals here than the tourists, so it is a chance to know the Germans better.
  • Plenty of trailing options to chose from either cycling, walking, or through the water.
  • One can visit the lagoon village of Lehde or the nearby fishing village of Leipe and get a chance to witness the rural German life.


Hamburg port Northern Germany

Germany, like most other countries in Europe, is not huge, so travelling from one city to another for a day trip can be done without much hassle. Tourists looking to see another famous German city might want to visit Hamburg. The town is just a two hours’ train ride from Berlin, and it’s even better if you have rented a car of your own or if you hire one of our chauffeurs. The numerous attractions and iconic places have earned Hamburg the UNESCO the world heritage status.

Why visit Hamburg?

  • A chance to experience a change in the scenery while not straying out of city life.
  • Hamburg being a port city, is quite different from the Capital but has enough attractions to keep you entertained for a full day.
  • Speicherstadt, which is the largest warehouse district in the world, is a must-visit place in Hamburg. Warehouses as old as 100 years line narrow streets and small waterways, which store silk, cocoa, and oriental carpets. In the evenings, light projections create a magical atmosphere on bridges, buildings, and canals.
  • Hamburg being the third-largest port in the world has attractions associated with its 800-year-old harbor. You can simply take a boat tour, have a seafood lunch or dinner at the famous Rive restaurant, or just stroll along the waterfront to have a pleasant time.
  • Female travelers looking for some retail therapy are in for a treat here in Hamburg. Alsterarkaden shopping arcade along the river is one picturesque place to do some shopping during a lovely afternoon.
  • St. Michaelis is a baroque style church, which is a true landmark of the city. The interior of the church is filled with white and golden color. By climbing the spiraled staircase to the top of the church, you can get a birds-eye view of the harbor and cityscape.
  • Hamburg Kunsthalle is the major art museum in Hamburg and houses paintings dating back to the 14th century. The museum has got a vast collection of paintings and artifacts and has got everything from medieval altars to modern art.

Tropical Islands Resort

Fish Eye birdspoint of view of the Tropical Island Resort

Imagine a place that was supposed to be an aeroplane hangar, but ended up becoming a resort. The site does exist in real and is close to Berlin. The hangar was sold to a Malaysian corporation back in 2003, where they created a tropical rainforest. It was sold because the airship it was supposed to house was never actually built, pretty funny, right?

Why visit Tropical Islands Resort?

  • The resort is just an hour’s drive from Berlin, so it is an ideal day trip spot for the whole family.
  • A tropical swimming pool has been created inside the resort, which is ranked as the largest indoor pool in Europe. It is an ideal place to have a water party!
  • Travelers with children should visit this place, and it is guaranteed that the kids are going to love this place. It will also be a sigh of relief for those who have had enough of exploring buildings and museums during their European trip.
  • The resort is also a perfect relaxing spot for adults, as it has some of the best saunas and spa one could find in Europe.
  • The waterfalls, lagoons, tempting water slides, and fun-filled games for kids are going to keep them occupied for the whole day.


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