Budapest in two days | How to see the most in short time

See Budapest in Two Days

Budapest in two days

The capital of Hungary has become a must-see destination for tourists in recent times. Spending a couple of days in Budapest is just about enough to visit all the tourist hotspots and exciting sights. Two days in the Hungarian capital allows you to explore this gorgeous city, try authentic Hungarian food and immerse yourself in great part of the European History.

A fun fact about Budapest is that it is a combination of two cities, Buda and Pest, which were combined in 1873 with a smaller town called Obuda. Both Pest and Buda lie on either side of the Danube river, and each has its unique attractions, which you can explore.

The post provides all the details and travel itinerary on how to plan perfect trip to Budapest.

Getting to Budapest

  1. Tourists, coming to Budapest by air, will land at the Liszt Ferenc Airport or commonly known as the Budapest Airport. From the airport you can catch a bus, train or a private taxi to reach the city center. If you want to travel without hassle, do not forget that we are able to arrange you a chauffeured car for a private airport transfer.
  2. Budapest Keleti Railway Station is the main railway terminal in Budapest. The station is connected with several European cities and capitals. Learn more about getting to Prague by train.

A chauffeured minivan or self driven rented car is a great alternative to get around Budapest as it is hassle-free and less time-consuming. In a limited time you can enjoy more attractions than any tourist using public transport. Disadvantage of self-driven car is the always present problem with parking. Parking in any European city can be a problem, Budapest is not different.

Travelers using our services get advantage of being picked up from the airport or railway station by a personal driver. We provide a tension-free service for the whole trip. It does not matter, whether you book a one way airport transfer or multiple day chauffeur hire.

Travel Itinerary

Once we think of it, two days are not a lot to completely visit a new city. To learn about its history, culture, and famous sites it takes time. Our services are designed to make the you fall in love with Budapest in such a short span. In 2 days we make sure you visit all the famous places and do all the fun-filled activities in this city. Let us inspire you for a trip you will remember for a life-time.

Budapest Day 1

Budapest, like every major European city, has endless options of things to do and visit. Travelers need to be on their toes to visit as many places as possible in a short time. We will make sure that it does not get tiresome. A chauffeured car is welcome benefit that can cut down on the travel times between places. If you plan to do Budapest on foot, local public transportation or with your own private car, you should still be able to follow our guide to enjoy Budapest at the best.

The first feel of any city could be taken from the food point of view. We highly recommend starting your day with a hearty breakfast from popular cafés in town. Börze, Portobello (Coffee & Wine), Simply and Kaptafa are some of the finest places to have a lovely breakfast.

Visit the Hungarian Parliament

After breakfast start your tour by visiting the symbol of Budapest, Hungarian parliament. The building makes for some picturesque views, as it is nestled right up against the Danube river. The building is designed in the Gothic-revival style and is home to several parliamentary offices. It is no wonder that the historic building is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

The Parliament was inaugurated in 1886 to mark the country’s thousandth anniversary. The third-largest parliament building in the world houses 691 rooms. The corridors and stairways of the building alone are 19 kilometers in length. It is said that the amount of gold you see inside the building is way more than you could imagine.

Summer being the holiday season is the busiest time of the year in Budapest, so its recommended to book the guided tour in advance, if you want to visit the interiors. The guided tours of the parliament are available only when the government is not sitting. The 45-minute tour covers all the attractions inside the building, like the main entrance hall, lobbies, and the Hungarian Crown Jewels.

Pro tip: To witness the building in its full glory, its recommended to view it from the other side of the Danube river. The view is from the other side is going to leave you spellbound.

Address: 1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3

St. Stephen’s Basilica

Saint Stephen Basilica Budapest

The Cathedral is dedicated to St. Stephen. It is a popular attraction, because of the amazing architecture and the beauty of its interiors. The neoclassical architecture and the impressive interior is sure to make you fall in love with this building. The panoramic view from the dome of the Basilica is worth visiting. The Basilica is just 5 minutes drive from the Hungarian Parliament.

The construction of Cathedral started way back in 1851, with various setbacks during its construction phase, it was finally completed in 1905. The World War did quite some damage to the Cathedral, but it was successfully restored to its original shape.

Its one of the most iconic structures in Hungary and is the largest church in Budapest. It can hold up to an estimated 8500 people. A unique attraction inside the Basilica is the mummified right hand of St Stephen, the first king of Hungary to whom this Basilica is dedicated to.

Address: 1051 Budapest, Szent István tér

Heroes’ Square

Heroes Square in Budapest

The Square is one of the main squares in the city and The Millennium Monument is dedicated to the Hungarian National Leaders. The monument was created in 1896 to mark the thousandth anniversary of the Magyar Conquest and laying the foundation of the Hungarian state. An interesting fact of the Square is that it’s designed by the same architect, who designed the Museum of Fine Arts, Mr. Albert Schickedanz.

The Square lies on the main Andrássy Avenue, which has been declared as the world heritage site. The 2-kilometer boulevard is lined with Neo-Renaissance building on either side featuring some very beautiful facades and interiors. Drive along the boulevard in your chauffeured driven car to witness these amazing buildings.

Address: Budapest, Hosök tere, 1146


Once you have visited these three iconic sites, you may be feeling hungry again. It would probably be a bit late in the afternoon, so it’s an ideal time to have a quick lunch. As we are still in the city center, there are several restaurants to choose from depending on your liking and budget. We will recommend you a few highly rated restaurants in this area which are close by:

  • Meatology Budapest: A budget-friendly choice for those looking for something as simple as burger and fries.
  • 0,75 bistro & bar: Travelers looking for authentic Hungarian food should visit this place. The bistro offers amazing food and excellent views.
  • KOLLAZS – Brasserie & Bar: Travelers who are looking for something fancier, should choose this upscale restaurant. The restaurant serves Central European and Hungarian cuisine.

Margaret Island

Margaret Island Giant Banner

Once done with the lunch, go to visit one of Budapest’s loveliest parks. A visit here allows you to escape the noise and bustle of downtown. The park lies on the Danube and is linked to Buda and Pest on either side through bridges.

The island is just 15 minutes drive from the Hungarian parliament. The 2.5-kilometer long island is covered in parkland and recreational facilities.

Travelers with kids should definitely visit the island and visit the Palatinus Baths. The baths are a huge spa complex that houses several baths. A bath having artificial waves, medicinal pool, children pool, and swimming pools for adults are some of the highlights of this place.

The rose garden and Japanese Garden are other notable attractions on the island. Sculpture Avenue, medieval ruins, and a small zoo on the island are the attractions the kids love.

A musical fountain is located near Margaret bridge and comes alive four or five times a day. Overall the island is a great place to spend your afternoon with the whole family.

Budapest Day 2

Travelers, who get exhausted from all the sightseeing on the first day, can simply start their second day by having breakfast in bed. The focus of the second day will be more about history, while taking out time to visit other attractions.

Buda Castle & Castle Hill

Budapest Castle Hill

The Castle Hill is famous for the numerous monuments, and museums present here. Its most famous attraction is the Buda Castle.

Buda Castle is a spectacular palace of the 18th century that sits atop the castle hill. The relatively new 200-bed castle replaced the original Buda Castle of the 13th century. The castle was built as a stronghold for protection against the Mongols and Tartars.

The castle is a UNESCO world heritage site and also contains the Castle Museum, Hungarian National Gallery, and the National Széchenyi Library. The number of attraction and things to visit inside the castle make it a perfect place to get your culture fix.

The entire castle hill has been declared as a UNESCO site because of the medieval lanes you could explore, and the buildings are a mix of Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque architecture you could find in a single place.

The fun part about Castle Hill is the funicular, which first opened in 1870, making it the second oldest in the world. The funicular is the fastest way to reach the top of Castle Hill. The ride on this restored transit system is extremely popular as you get to enjoy panoramic views out across the Danube.

Address: 1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2

Fisherman’s Bastion

Fishermans Bastion Budapest

The Neo-gothic style monument was built in the 20th century and acted as a panoramic viewing platform. The Danube, Margaret Island, and Pest could all be viewed from the bastion.

The reason it is named after fishermen is that in the middle ages, this part of the city was defended by fishermen. The bastion has seven towers, those represent the seven Magyar tribes, which played a vital role in settling the Magyar people in the Carpathian Basin.

The bastion is a tourist hotspot, and hordes of tourists visit this place daily. Eventually delay your visit to the Fisherman’s Bastion until the evening to get a beautiful view of the city during a sunset.

Address: Szentháromság tér 5, Budapest

The Museum of Fine Arts

The final history lesson for the day should be through paintings, and The Museum of Fine Arts is the best option. We suggest you grab something quick to eat, before embarking on the history lesson. As once you enter the museum, the visit is bound to take a couple of hours.

The art gallery is an art lover paradise as it contains the largest collection of work by the old masters of Europe. Paintings from all across Europe are on display, the majority of the collection being of Dutch, Spanish, and Italian paintings.

The gallery was established in 1870, after Hungary inherited an extensive collection of drawings and paintings. For the convenience of visitors, the gallery has been divided into six departments: Ancient Art, Egyptian Art, the Old Sculpture Gallery, the Modern Collection, the Old Painter Gallery, and the Graphics Collection.

Pro Tip: A lot of art lovers confuse this museum with the Palace of Art, which is right next to this museum. Art enthusiasts should check that out as well as it is the city’s leading contemporary art museum.

Address: 1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 41


The last dinner in Budapest derives something special. The century-old restaurant New York Coffee House is the perfect dinner option. The stunning interior with frescoes and chandeliers is a sight to behold. The restaurant is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, making it the perfect place to end your trip and a night to remember.

Pro tip: The restaurant is quite famous, so be sure to book a table in advance and avoid spending hours waiting in queues.

The city is easily accessible from all major cities in Europe. Private transfers on our website are available between Budapest and Bratislava, Brno, Cesky Krumlov, Cracow, Prague and Vienna. Budapest is often part of the multiple days itineraries as well as a start or end of scenic European transfers.

I hope you have a great stay in this beautiful city.

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