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Vienna, the Capital of Austria, is a hub of the country’s civilization. The city possesses remarkable historic buildings and gardens. Tourists are always captivated by its ancient sightseeing opportunities. Vienna has always been an outstanding tourist destination. Lately, many international surveys have boosted the popularity of this town. These surveys acknowledged Vienna as one of the most livable cities. That’s why it a paradise of central Europe. Consider this article as your essential guide. It will be your travel partner in this incredible city for two days.

Getting to Vienna

  1. If you come to Vienna by air, you will land at the Schwechat Vienna International airport, to get to the city, you can use public transportation, taxi or book a private airport taxi.
  2. Those who come by train typically go by public transportation, local taxi or even walk.
  3. Plenty of travelers choose to travel to Vienna from Prague by a private chauffeured car.

The Vienna International Airport is located about 20 kilometers southeast of the central city. Taxi, trains and buses are available from the Vienna Airport. Tourists can reach their respective guesthouses, hotels, or Airbnb without any problems.

The tourists coming on the train, “Wien Hauptbahnhof” will be their destination. It is the central Vienna’s railway station, and the city center is only 5 minutes away from it.

Our multiple day private chauffeur services are alternative to all the public transportation as well as regular taxi service. Having your own private driver gives you a great advantage. Tourists who decide to use our transport can enjoy Vienna within relatively short time and yet see the most important sights. The driver can meet you at the airport, train station, or any place you checked in. Our chauffeur driven cars and minivans will make the trip hassle-free and a memorable one!

Travel Itinerary

The problem most tourists face is the dilemma about what to see in a short period. Our service comes into play here and is the best to option as we can save a lot of time, when you do not need to find your way around. Follow our trail and use the article to see the best attractions during your two days stay in Vienna. The most expensive asset during the holiday (and not only during the holiday to be fair) is the allotted time.

Vienna Day 1

The endless options of things to experience are bound to confuse many, as the city is full of attractions. Your focus on this day should be to visit as many places as possible inside the city and get a full-on Vienna experience. A driver and car at your service will give you a boost for sure as it’s going to cut the travel times between each location. We are also able to arrange a private guide, who will provide great information about each location and sights along the way.

It is ideal to start your day with a delicious breakfast from one of the top-rated cafes in the city. Those who have a breakfast option at their hotel should go with that. If not, then Ulrich café should be your go-to place. The café’s specialty is breakfast sandwich, which will set you back by 10€. Once done with the meal, get in the car and start your city tour.

Schönbrunn Palace

The first place everyone should drop by is Schönbrunn. It is a spectacular palace of the 18th century. The colossal palace, with its 1441 rooms, makes it a must-visit palace in Vienna. It is a tourist hotspot, and we deem it to be on top of your list when visiting Vienna. The castle had immense cultural value in the past. Several Austrian emperors have lived here. The magnificent Baroque-style architecture of the Palace with its gardens is breathtaking. All this combined, makes it more exciting for a visit. An original style furnishing is also present in a part of the palace. So, you can experience for yourself how the royalty lived back in the days.

Why visit Schonbrunn Palace?

The Palace has been the main house of the Habsburgs Monarchs. It gives an excellent insight into how the rulers lived. Schönbrunn provides useful knowledge about the history and culture of the city. The tourists looking to start their day on a lighter note can stroll in the Schönbrunn Gardens. They can spend some quality time at this magical place.

Address: Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Vienna

Hofburg Palace

Tourists who are fans of history and architecture should visit the Hofburg Palace. The Palace is only 15 mins drive from the Schönbrunn. It has been the official house of every Austrian ruler since the 13th. Like Schönbrunn, it is another massive palatial complex. It gives an insight into the Hofburg monarchy. The complex is still in service today and acts as the office of the President. The Palace, which sprawls on 59 acres, has several attractions to visit. It is a sight to behold for those in love with European style architecture.

Why visit Hofburg Palace?

It is a complete walk-through of Austrian history. Imperial Apartments and Imperial Chapel are the major attractions of this Palace. It also includes Hofburg Treasury and various museums. One should not miss these when visiting Vienna.

Address: Michaelerkuppel, 1010 Vienna

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

A couple of minutes drive away from the Hofburg Palace is the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It is not wrong to say that it is the real symbol of the city. The Cathedral a piece of pure Gothic architecture. The St.Stephen’s Cathedral has been the church of the Archbishopric since 1722. For those who fancy visiting a church should keep this cathedral on their priority list.

Why visit St. Stephen Cathedral?

The cathedral is full of ancient treasures. It includes various relics and some ancient holy books. Altars, chapels, and several tombs inside make for an exciting visit. The catacombs, which are underground cemeteries, is something not to miss. Finally, the view from the Gothic tower of the capital is quite breathtaking, so don’t forget to visit that as well!

Address: Stephansplatz 3, 1010 Vienna


(+ Lunch Stop)

front side of palm house in Vienna, Austria

If you are in a new city for a few days, every meal counts. In this regard, the Burggarten and its “Palmenhaus Café” is the perfect place to have your lunch after having a hectic morning sightseeing. The greenery inside the place can easily be described as the oasis in the city. The “glasshouse” is also an ideal place for a pit stop in the city.

Why visit the Burggarten?

It is a chance to relax and unwind in this super-central spot inside the city. Burggarten houses some of the most iconic statues, and one of the most famous ones is Mozart. Burggarten also contains a butterfly house and various tropical plants. It can also be on your visit list. Not only for lunch, but this place can be your go-to place for dinner as well.

Address: Josefsplatz 1, 1010 Wien, Austria

Prater Amusement Park

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Not every tourist is into history and architecture; some are only seeking fun. Prater Park can be the ideal place for you, if you are one of those people. Should you prefer to spend afternoon enjoying some old-fashioned theme park rides. Its located in the second district and is 15 minutes’ drive from the Hofburg Palace. The park is fun and also a good option for dinner or lunch with the entire family.

Why visit Prater Amusement Park?

The highlight of this park is the giant Ferris wheel. It is a perfect place to get a birds-eye view of the Vienna Skyline. This wheel is a famous symbol of the city. The park has a planetarium, a miniature steam railroad, and a museum as well.

Address: 1020 Vienna, entrance from Ausstellungstrasse

The Naschmarkt (Lunch/Dinner Spot)

No city tour can be complete without actual culinary experience. Another famous place that provides this experience is the Naschmarkt. The open-air market is a food lover’s paradise as it has a lot to offer. The market houses some of the most exceptional white wine in Austria. It is also full of exotic fruits, cheese, pickles, stuffed olives, and a lot more. This market is operational from the 16th century. One gets a chance to enjoy Vienna’s diverse culinary history. The essence of the spices and daily live street performances in the market is going to make for a stunning trip.

Why visit the Naschmarkt?

It is Europe’s largest grocery market. One can get tons of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From all over the world, different cuisines and restaurants are available here. In short, whatever you are craving for, you will find it here.

Address: 1060 Vienna, Austria

Vienna Day 2

The luxury of having a car and a driver at your disposal makes everything a lot easier. You may take the vehicle outside Vienna for a day trip. If you do not choose to enjoy the outskirts of the city and will want to remain in the city, we prepared a second day itinerary. Let us give you a detailed overview of the plan. Soak even more of the history, culture, and traditions of the city.


The most important meal of the day is breakfast, and one should not skip. Those who are looking for a scrumptious first meal of the day must visit a famous Vienna café. There are many perks and advantages of having a car and driver at your disposal. It can pick you up at whatever time that suits you, without any hassle of public transportation, and take you to your desired café for a perfect breakfast.

The city, which is full of cafes and fine dining restaurants, has got tons of options for you. Some of the most renowned cafes for breakfast and their specialties are here below:

  • Ulrich – Breakfast sandwich
  • The Guesthouse – Egg Benedict
  • Café Ansari – Georgian breakfast
  • Motto am Fluss – All Day Breakfast Sandwich

Why eat breakfast during holiday?

As a traveler you need to get a good and hefty breakfast. It gives you ample energy to enjoy the day. Why not try this must-have meal from a quality restaurant. Also, spend some quality time with your travel partners.

Spanish Riding School

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Tourists who want some dynamic experience should head out to the Spanish Riding School. It is quite different and is one of the city’s leading attractions. It dates back to the mid-16th century, built by Emperor Maximilian II.

Why visit Spanish Riding School?

It is one of the leading riding schools in the world, located on the grounds of Hofburg Palace. Along with the Palace, you can visit the school as well. For those who viewed the Palace from our car should also go to this school. They will get a once in a lifetime experience.

Pro tip: Those who love horses or horse riding or those who want a full experience of the school should buy a package. It includes behind the scenes tour, visit of the stables. Most exciting of all, it consists of a training session.

Address: Michaelerplatz 1, 1010 Vienna

Vienna Zoo

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Guests, who travel with children, should head over to the Vienna zoo. There are multiple expositions and various animals species to see. Plan your visit in advance and experience some unique events such as Early Access to the zoo in the morning, themed tours or backstage tours. The zoo features an aquarium and an interactive rain-forest house. Kids love to see the feeding of the ZOO animals. Remember to check the zoo’s website for details of feeding timings before visiting. It is 15 minutes’ drive away from the central city and in close vicinity to the Schönbrunn Palace.

Why visit Vienna zoo?

It is the oldest continually-operating zoo in the world. Kids who might get tired of seeing all the historic buildings will get a sigh of relief.

Address: Maxingstraße 13b, 1130 Vienna

The Vienna State Opera House

Vienna Opera House

In Europe, some attractions are the best to visit at night as it brings out the true beauty in them. The state opera house is one such place. Tourists who are into performing arts would relish this place. Its iconic stature in history is mesmerizing. The Opera House of Vienna has hosted some of the world’s best composers, artists, and soloists. You can also sign up for a guided tour of the Opera House.

Why visit the Vienna Opera House?

The Opera House is one of the most sophisticated and finest in the world. Located in the central district, you will not have to go far to witness this architectural marvel. Music lovers should get information on shows that are playing that day. Then they can watch a live performance and buy tickets beforehand.

Address: Opernring 2, 1010 Vienna

Dinner – End of Tour

The last night in any travel destination should be a night to remember. It is a time when you have to say goodbye and move ahead. Ending the trip with a perfect dinner is a must. There are many options in Vienna. First the cafes mentioned in the “breakfast section” of our guide are a good choice for dinner. If you prefer to dine elsewhere, take one of our suggestions:

  • NENI Am Naschmarkt
  • Lugeck
  • O Boufés
  • Café Central

Feel free to print the guide and bring it with you when touring Vienna with our driver or on your own. I am sure it will make your stay a memorable and comfortable one!



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