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Tips for day trips from Budapest

Day trips from Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a fantastic destination to visit and spend your vacations.  The most popular one way transfers between Budapest and European cities feature Bratislava, Cesky Krumlov, Krakow, Prague, and Vienna. We also organize scenic transfers between Budapest and other European cities.

The city is full of rich history and culture, with plenty of fun activities. Tourists who have enjoyed the city to the fullest could head out and explore the amazing outskirts. And those looking to get a more authentic feel of the city should plan a day trip outside of Budapest and explore the bewildering countryside. The countryside is filled with tourist attractions and historical sites, which should not be missed.

A chauffeured car service or a self driven rented car is ideal for enjoying your day trips. The hassle-free travel without any stress of not catching public transport in time is major advantage. This article is going to be your one-stop guide to all the tourist spots outside of Budapest and provide a brief history behind them. Also read the Budapest two day travel itinerary, to make sure you do not waste a minute of your holiday time.


The closest and most popular destination for a day trip from Budapest is Szentendre. It is a small town situated on the hilly banks of Danube, just 20-kilometers north of Budapest. It makes Szentendre the perfect getaway point for the tourists as well as the locals.

Why visit Szentendre

  • One of Hungary’s most picturesque towns because of the colorful and cozy streets, which lead to the Danube rivers edge.
  • The small town has a beautiful church built in 1752 called the Blagoveshchensk Church. It is a Serbian Orthodox church having some beautiful architecture. Its Baroque curved balcony and the doorways are a beautiful work of art.
  • Food lovers have a plethora of options to choose from, as there is a vast selection of cafes and restaurants. A delicious lunch can be a welcome option, while visiting this beautiful little town.
  • It is a vibrant town with countless tourists visiting here daily. The town is filled with shops selling handmade and local crafts, making it a perfect place to buy some souvenirs.
  • An open-air museum is located near the main square, which is another place tourists love to visit. It is a great place to learn about Hungarian history, culture, and especially their traditions.
  • Capture a lovely photo with your loved ones in Fo tér, the main square. Merchants Cross is also built here. It was built with the hopes of helping the city get rid of the plague, which once hit the town.

Visegrad Castle

Imagine yourself climbing the stairs to the top of a medieval castle to catch spectacular views of the surrounding areas. Visegrad Castle provides just that by giving you breathtaking views of the Danube and makes for an ideal day trip option. The drive to Visegrad takes about 90 minutes, and the hiking to the mountain takes about 2 to 3 hours.

Why visit Visegrad Castle

  • A small town with greenery all around overlooking the beautiful Danube river.
  • The Castle was one of the favorite residencies of the Hungarian kings in the medieval times and had an interesting museum inside the castle. This castle provides the ultimate opportunity to get a unique medieval experience.
  • Tourists who love a bit of hiking should visit Visegrad Castle as it is a hike worth going for.
  • The small town has its share of cafes providing authentic local food, which is a must-try.
  • Visegrad is also home to some ruins of Renaissance time palaces and also has a small museum worth visiting.


It was once a Capital of Hungary 1000 years back. This depicts, how old this town is. The rich history behind the town makes the trip even more exciting as you can get to learn about real Hungarian history. The town lies just 46 kilometers away from the Capital. It is easily accessible by a car, making it an excellent day trip option.

Why visit Esztergom

  • The location of Esztergom provides spectacular scenery as the town is located right where the central uplands coincide with the Danube.
  • The Hungarian Royal Palace, built in the 10th century, is one of the main attractions of the town.
  • A cathedral close to the palace is a splendid work of art and prides some stunning views with it two towers flanking its sides.
  • Adjacent to the cathedral lies the Basilica of Esztergom. It s a wonderful piece of architecture, and its beauty is enhanced by the two tall towers on either side and multiple Corinthian columns.
  • Christian museums present in the town should be visited if you like museums and want to learn about history. Works of several Hungarian artists, as well as Italians of the Renaissance era, are present here.

Pro tip: If you utilize our chauffeured car services, you can go and explore the majestic Pilis mountains! It is a range of mountains with stunning slopes, and with the ease of the car, you can reach and explore the caves and fossils present there. It is a nature reserve that is truly a picturesque place that should be visited once in a lifetime. Don’t hold back from going here and allow us to take you there with ultimate comfort.

The Danube and Vác

Tourists who are heading out to Esztergom for a day trip, can also visit the little town of Vác. The town lies on the banks of the Danube river and is just 34 kilometers north of Budapest. The town lies right on the edge, where the river makes a sharp towards Budapest, providing breathtaking views. Vác is a small Baroque town that has to date retained its charm and attractiveness.

Why Danube and Vác

  • Tourists can combine the tour of Esztergom and Vác in a single day trip, because these towns are in each other’s vicinity. It is much easier for tourists to have a chauffeured car to pace out their day trips as per their wishes.
  • The town’s historic center is a tourist hotspot as here one can find The Assumption Cathedral. The Cathedral was initially built in 1074 and has been a target during various invasions in the past. The Mongols, Ottomans, and the World War did quite a damage to the Cathedral. The restoration work, done in recent times, has made the Cathedral restore to its full glory.
  • Vác being a riverside town, has its share of 18th-century bridges, some of which are worth admiring, because of the striking statues placed on them.
  • Vác, like every other town in Europe, has its share of churches. The Piarist Church of St. Anna, built-in 1745, is famous for its narrow towers and pointed spires. The Church is best viewed from the boat in the Danube river. The other Church, The Franciscan Church, is the oldest in Vác. The interesting thing about this Baroque-Rocco style Church of the 18th century is that it was constructed using stones from the ruins of an old fortress.
  • A trip to Vac would be incomplete without a boat tour. The small tour let you see the beauty of Vác and its gorgeous buildings from the river. There are really spectacular views from the Danube river.


Eger is another beautiful town a couple of hours’ drive from Budapest. While the 140 kilometers distance may feel quite a lot, hiring a private driver with his own comfortable car, makes the commute a breeze! Moreover this trip is totally worth it, because there is so much to do and see in this Eger.

Why visit Eger

  • Churches are an integral part of this town because as many as 17 Baroque Style churches are present here. If you are interested in churches, you should definitely head out to the town of Eger.
  • The Basilica of Eger is a famous highlight. The Basilica was built in 1837 in pure classical style. With its wide stairway and twin towers it provides an unbeatable view of the town.
  • The Medieval Eger Castle which was initially built in the 11th century, was expanded several times over the ages and is a delight to explore.
  • Stroll through the pretty, narrow lanes of The Old Town of Eger to witness the real Hungarian culture and traditions. The marketplace in the old town is quite a bustling place and an ideal place to check out some local produce. Remember to explore the Church of Saint Anthony built-in 1773 here in the old town

Pro tip: Visiting any town outside of the capital city is super easy, when you have own way of transport. You get to explore places that otherwise would not have been easily accessible. Valley of Beautiful Women is one such attraction, where wine cellars are carved into the rocks. Wine lovers seek this place as they get a chance to try Eger’s famous wine coming straight from the barrel. Driving yourself makes no sense, as drinking and driving is banned in Europe. Let a professional driver take you on a day trip.


It is not everywhere you get to see towns or villages, which show how people lived in rural communities centuries ago. Holloko Village is a living example of how Hungarians lived before the agricultural revolution of the 20th century. The village lies about an hour drive from Budapest and can be easily reached by car. The village is a UNESCO heritage site, because it is a deliberately preserved traditional settlement.

Why visit Holloko

  • The area which makes Holloko really popular is the older part of the village. The area is part of the conservation project, where more than 60 houses have been rebuilt to showcase the Hungarian houses.
  • People interested in architecture can witness the live example of Palóc rural architecture, a technique where houses are built using stone and timber.
  • On top of the hill, overlooking the exquisite village, lie ruins of a castle, which dates back to the 12th century.
  • Tourists traveling around Easter Holiday time, should definitely visit Holloko, because of the Easter Festival. The festival revolves around traditional food, clothes, and artisan crafts. The festival will definitely make you feel that you have stepped back in time and let you relive the life Hungarians lived many years ago.
  • Tourists not visiting during the Easters, should visit the open-air museum in Skanzen and learn about Hungarian traditions.
  • In order to learn about Hungarian history and culture, several museums are present in the village. Village Museum, Doll Museum, Post Museum are the few famous museums in the Holloko.

Aggtelek National Park & The Baradla Cave

One primary reason travelers go on day trips is to be close to nature and witness the natural beauty of mother Earth. It is a chance to move away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a relaxing time in the arms of nature. Tourists looking for such a day trip should visit the Aggrelek National Park and The Baradla Caves. The park is 2.5 hours drive from Budapest and lies near the Slovak border

Why Aggtelek National Park & The Baradla Cave

  • The National Park is filled with hiking and walking tracks. The network of these tracks is quite large and travelers from all over the world are attracted to visit these tracks.
  • The highlight of the park is the Baradla Cave, which is over 25 kilometers long and extends up to Slovakia. The stalactite caves look quite impressive with its 7-kilometer main tunnel and long wide passages. The caves are some of the most stunning in Europe.
  • The National Park has its own unique ecosystem with an extensive collection of plants and animal species. Tourists who are attracted to nature, should definitely choose Aggtelek National Park for their next day trip option.
  • The unique and bizarre shapes have formed in the form of stalactites in the caves due to water dripping. The stalagmites present here are of various colors.

Pro tip: The trip time to National Park can be cut to half as compared to the time taken on public transport, if you hire a private driver in Budapest. Public transport usually takes 4 hours 30 mins, while in a car the time is a mere 2 hours 30 mins.

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