Hourly service – car & driver to hire in Prague, car services in Czechia

We offer spacious, non smoking and air conditioned Mercedes Benz cars, minivans and minibuses to hire with an English speaking chauffeur. The vehicles are on client’s disposal for a minimum of 2 hours. Transportation is available within Prague city and the Czech Republic. Private hire rates for international transportation are available on the page “Daily hire“.


Hourly service – chauffeured car services within Prague city

There is a 30 km distance limit included in every hour. Extra kilometer fees are show in the chart along with the hourly service rates.

Mercedes Benz Vito Mercedes Benz V class Mercedes Benz E class Mercedes Benz S class
Mercedes Benz Vito to hire with a private chauffeur Chauffeured Mercedes Benz Viano / V class Rent a Mercedes Benz E class with a driver Mercedes Benz S class to hire
33€ / hour 46€ / hour 41€ / hour 50€ / hour
0.60€ / km 0.65€ / km 0.75€ / km 0.95€ / km

Hourly service – out of Prague city – weddings, day trips and sightseeing

no limitations on mileage. The chart shows final rates inclusive VAT, taxes, toll, driver’s wage, car rental, diesel. There are no surcharges.

Mercedes Benz Vito Mercedes Benz V class Mercedes Benz E class Mercedes Benz S class
195€ / 4 hours 245€ / 4 hours 195€ / 4 hours 250€ / 4 hours
360€ / 8 hours 475€ / 8 hours 385€ / 8 hours 480€ / 8 hours
400€ / 10 hours 500€ / 10 hours 440€ / 10 hours 510€ / 10 hours

Should you be interested in hiring a car / minivan with a driver within Prague or for trip outside Prague, contact us for more details. We are also able to arrange hourly services in Bratislava, Brno, Budapest, Cesky Krumlov, Cracow, Vienna and other European cities. Prices may be affected by current exchange rate, inflation, global crisis and diesel cost dramatic increases.

What is hourly service?

Hourly service is a rental of a car or a minivan with a professional driver for a minimum of two hours. There are two types of the hourly service:

Hourly service within Prague

Chauffeured car and minibus hourly rental in Prague is commonly provided for private sightseeing trips, incentive tours, weddings and similar. Private hire is popular among wedding photographers, reporters, managers that are due to visit several stores or hotels, investigators that are checking up on various spots e.g. restaurants, hotels, cultural and other venues and also regular tourists, who prefer to have a private driver, vehicle and a tour guide. Our company is able to organize a private guide too. The minivan or car is provided with a private driver for booked amount of hours. Each hour of the driver and vehicle rental includes certain mileage, typically it is 30 km distance per hour. Additional driving distance and time is available at the extra charge. The private driver, who is assigned to the private hire job, is a local professional, knowledgeable person that knows his way around Prague.

Advantages of  hourly service, private driver hire and chauffeured limo / car / minibus rental in Prague
  • the driver is on the full disposal – everywhere and all the time
  • rented car, minivan or minibus is in perfect order, cleanliness and technical condition
  • the chauffeur is responsible for the vehicle
  • clients do not need to worry about parking
  • the rental is flexible and tailor made, as long as the destination is accessible by a private car, we will take you there directly by the quickest and shortest route available
  • fixed price guaranteed and confirmed in advance
  • payment is done in cash, by credit card or bank transfer
  • driver is able to adjust to the last minute changes in private hire itinerary as well as according to the client’s wishes

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