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Professional drivers to hire in Europe

Travelling in Europe by a car or a minivan is a very time efficient, cost effective and comfortable. European roads are well maintained. Along the road there are plenty of rest stops and points of interest to visit. In general chauffeured services are looked up by clients from Asia and the US, but also travelers from Canada, Australia and South America. In Europe everything is much closer and thus it is not a problem to be in one day in three different states, where there are three different languages and three different currencies, not to mention set of different driving rules… Having own driver and vehicle on disposal makes the traveling even more comfortable and the chauffeured services are surprisingly affordable.

Rental car/minivan versus chauffeured driven service versus public transportation

If you are planning a road trip across Europe, you have several options in the terms of means of transportation. The obvious options are trains, buses and planes. Trains and buses are definitely cheapest option, unless you are taking a super fast train in Italy or France, which can be pricey. Flights can be cheap, but one has to plan ahead and have to be ready to sacrifice the “road” part of the trip. Thus when you fly from point A to point B, you can not see anything on the way. Buses, trains as well as planes have couple of disadvantages in common:

  1. You have to stick to their schedule
  2. You have to share the transportation with others
  3. You have to find a way to and from the train / bus station / airport
  4. Some destinations are not available by bus, train or plane and you have to combine one with the other
  5. You lose a lot of time waiting. You have to be at the station earlier not to miss the train or the bus, at the airport it is 2 hours in advance prior the flight time, that is ridiculous waste of the holiday time.

As long as you realize that above is nothing you wish to experience during the holiday, you can think about renting your own car or a minivan and doing the driving yourselves. There are couple of things you should bear in mind, before you decide to do the road trip across Europe on your own:

  1. One of the party has to be the driver – when there are couple of people with an international driving license, it is not a problem. But if only one person can drive, it can be frustrating and tiring for him/her not to enjoy the holiday at the maximum.
  2. Parking is always a problem. Especially old historical cities, which are almost all the popular destinations, have limiting parking facilities and policies. Not to mention parking costs money. Expensive city center hotels charge 15 – 30 Euro per day parking in average. Many central hotels do not have a parking lot at all.
  3. Returning the vehicle, in other place than where you rented it, will cost significantly extra.
  4. Rental companies charge extra for any additional services. And additional services seem to be almost everything starting from GPS, automatic gearbox over the baby seats for your children and extra insurance and even driving to other countries than country of the vehicle origin.
  5. Different European countries have different driving regulations and habits. You should be experienced driver, should you decide to do a trip around Europe on your own.

Whereas hiring a car or a minivan with personal chauffeur can look expensive, take in count that all above will not bother you. Plus there are additional advantages of having a private chauffeur on the disposal.

  1. Transportation is tailored according to your wishes and needs. We leave according to your schedule. You do not have to stick with any plans nor timing.
  2. Fixed prices without any hidden fees protect you from feeling ripped off or cheated and you always know the costs before hand.
  3. The driver takes care of the vehicle. That includes washing the car, cleaning the car as well as parking the car. In case of technical problem new vehicle is provided within a few hours and the driver takes care of all the issues.
  4. You do not have to worry about the safety of your belongings and the luggage. The driver stays with the car during your sightseeing tours, shopping or dining. In the worst case we are fully insured above the standard levels and the insurance is already included in the cost of the private hire.
  5. We drive around Europe most of the year. The drivers are not only experienced in the driving itself, but also can provide a lot of tips along the way as well as in many destinations. Such travel tips can include good restaurants, interesting points to visit or simply travel tips of what to be aware of.
  6. At the end of the chauffeured hire you will have a new friend. Usually the drivers and clients become good friends after several days of traveling around Europe.

Should you not feel convinced yet, feel free to read the guide to planning a road trip, look up some of our past tailored itineraries or see our prices of chauffeured travel services in Europe. Our services also include one way door to door transfers within European Union or one day and multiple days sightseeing trips. Feel free to contact us, should you be interested in information or price quotation.