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Mercedes Benz S class Long 350 CDi

Mercedes Benz S class
Mercedes Benz S class Long is a German manufacturer best limousine available on the market. We drive the model w221. Stylish, comfortable and luxury way to travel around Europe
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Mercedes Benz E class wagon 220 CDi

Mercedes Benz E class
Mercedes Benz E class is a premium wagon ideal for individual travelers, couples and small families. The large boot is capable to accommodate 4 large bags or two large suitcases and a baby pram.
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Mercedes Benz V class XL 4×4 250 CDi

Mercedes Benz V class
Mercedes Benz V class is luxurious minivan for up to 6 passengers and a driver.
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Mercedes Benz Vito XL 4×4 220 CDi

Mercedes Benz Vito XL
Mercedes Benz Vito is a premium minivan offering up to 8 seats for the passengers and space for up to 10 large pieces of luggage.
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